How do you Work with the Energy of an Intentional Altar?

It  can be daunting if you are just beginning your spiritual practice. Even seasoned practitioners can use some clear guidance on working with Altars. 

Your Altar is a portal for your intention. It is an integral part of the overall practice of animism. We have created this Essential online course to lay the groundwork for your working with Altars. There are 8 lessons with teachings, explorations, how to’s, and ceremony, all coordinated to give you a solid understanding of Working With Altars.

We do not teach or share specific cultural practices (or any closed practices) but offer you a foundational understanding of Animism and Shamanism that can support your path. These foundational principles and practices will support your own exploration and connection to your own Ancestral Practices and beliefs.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Working with Altars

    2. A message from Robbie and Brandy

    1. Understanding Altars

    2. What is an Altar?

    3. Active Practices

    1. Building an Altar

    2. Creating an Altar

    3. Active Practices

    1. What is a working Altar?

    2. What is a working altar?

    3. Active Practices

    1. Honoring the Dead

    2. Honoring the Dead

    3. Active practices

    1. Adding medicine tools to the altar

    2. Adding medicine tools

    3. Active Practices

About this course

  • $58.00
  • 30 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

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