"A new way to navigate our temples bringing us closer to wellness and peacefulness"

Ancient wisdom often refers to our human bodies as temples.  For some of us, our bodies, and our temples suffer in navigating chronic illnesses/diagnoses.  Through my personal journey with chronic diagnosis, I have discovered utilizing ancient teachings and practices with the assistance of Western Medicine, has created a peaceful experience for myself mentally, emotionally, physically, and Spiritually.   In this course, we will come together in community and learn practices and tools used by the ancient cultures around the world to discover a new way to navigate our temples bringing us closer to wellness and peacefulness as a whole being.

This 6-month course is designed to teach the fundamentals of Earth Medicine tools and practices to navigate your Wellness Journey in your daily life. In this course, we will discover the fundamental practices that weave through ancient beliefs from around the world and can be used in any scenario. This course is designed to provide you with a broad foundation of practices and ceremonies to assist you in your journey to wellness.

This Intensive Course is expanded from the standard online course.  In addition to the 7 hours of teachings, we will have 5 live video calls, a private group, and access to Teachers and Practitioners.  All of this is designed to help us go deeper into the teachings and explore our own Journey with Shamanic Wellness. You will have 5 weeks of focused study and support.

The Tools we will be learning and using during our time together are:

  1. Journeying is an ancient practice used in many cultures as a tool for spiritual growth. It is also a practice that can be used for healing and obtaining information
  2. The Wheel of Creation is the foundation of all tools and teachings.  The Wheel of Creation is a tool and metaphor that provides a physical representation of all of creation, providing us feedback on who we are as mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual beings at any given moment of our life.
  3. Plant Spirit Medicine offers a space to honor and create relationships with the Spirit of the Plants. The Plants’ spirits and essences can work with us to achieve harmonious impacts in our mind, heart, body, and spirits
  4. Sound and Vibration have been used since the beginning of history to create specific moods and or vibrational patterns in the listener. Different sounds affect people in different ways. You can align yourself with the vibrations that foster health, happiness, and unity with the right sounds.

Benefits of this Course:

  • This course is taught live, and the recordings will be provided immediately, for you to review at your own pace.
  • A Private group within the course to communicate with others who are enrolled in the course as well as the teachers.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Earth Medicine Wellness

    1. Module 1: Understanding Animism, Shamanism, Earth Medicine and Wellness

    2. Understanding Animism and Shamanism

    3. A Deep Dive into Animism and its impact on Wellness

    4. What is Earth Medicine

    5. Understanding Wellness

    6. Guided Meditation

    7. Downloadable Journal to Use to assist with Active Practices

    8. Zoom Call with Brandy - September 10, 2023

About this course

  • $425.00
  • 9 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Experience a change and shift in your wellness journey