About the 3-Course Bundle

We have bundled together some essential teachings, practices and experiences from 3 larger courses on Animism, Altars and Journeying for a well-rounded general teaching. 

Animism is the underlying belief in all of these teachings. Having a good foundation in this will support all other practices and growth. Altars are the portal of our intentions. Gaining a strong working relationship with your altars will support your out picturing of your intentions. Journeying brings us into the most direct contact with the spirits and brings clarity and guidance. This bundle is a good jumpi9ng off point for you to go deeper into these practices for your own autonomy in your spiritual path.

You will have 3 months access to all the modules.

Course curriculum

    1. Module 1: Teaching Animism

    2. Module 2: Language of Animacy

    3. Module 3: Animistic Psychology

    4. Module 4: What do you Need to Create Relationship

    5. Module 5: Land Spirits

    6. Module 6: Plant Spirit Medicine

    7. Module 7: Animal Spirit Medicine

    8. Module 8: Ceremony for Reconciling with the Natural World

    1. Module 1: What is an Altar?

    2. Module 2: Creating an Altar

    3. Module 3: What is a working altar?

    4. Module 4: Reworking an altar

    5. Module 5: Ceremonial altars

    1. Module 1: Fundamentals of Journeying

    2. Module 2: Relationship With Our Emotions

    3. Module 3: Building Self Trust

    4. Module 4: Aligning to our Truth

    5. Module 5: Reclaiming Power Pieces

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About this course

  • $88.00
  • 20 lessons
  • 11.5 hours of video content

A jumping off point for you, to go deeper into your practices